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Chat with Pokémon Go Friends all around the world in one place! We introduce public chat, group chat and private chat for Pokémon Go friends. Use it to to find new Pokémon Go friends, Pokémon Go friend codes, to discuss about gatherings, battles, raids and Pokémon Trades.

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Friend codes

Exchange Pokémon GO friend codes with Pokémon GO trainers around the world.

Raids & Gifts

Exchange gifts, trade Pokémon or do raid with Pokémon GO trainers in your area.

Pokémon GO DB

Guide for Pokémon GO. Database of details about every Pokémon, counters etc...

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Friend codes

Pokémon GO Public Chat

In Pokémon GO Public chat room, all chats are visible to all Pokémon Go trainers. Therefore, please respect every Pokémon Go trainer in this public Pokémon Go chat; be polite, do not be offensive on other Pokémon Go trainers; be nice. Owners of this Pokémon Go public chat room website are not responsible for the contents or chat messages of this page. They are written by different Pokémon Go trainers all around the world. If you think that the contents of the chat messages in this Pokémon Go Public Chat room are inappropriate for your context refrain from using this website.

Pokémon GO Private Chat

Pokémon GO trainers can send private chat messages to any Pokémon GO trainer using this website. They are one to one private conversations with saved chat history.

Pokémon GO Group Chat

Each Pokémon GO playing country has a Pokémon GO chat Group. Pokémon GO trainers in each country can get to know each other in Pokémon GO Group Chat.

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